Subo - The Food Bottle
Subo - The Food Bottle
Subo - The Food Bottle
Subo - The Food Bottle

Subo - The Food Bottle

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The Subo food bottle is a game changer for parents. No more spills and messy explosions with the non-squeezable design, this food vessel is designed to be filled with all sorts of healthy foods such as fruit and veggie purees, yoghurt, porridge, the list is endless! Your child simply sucks through the spout and the platform pushes the food up inside, leaving them to feed themselves independently. 

Product Details: 

  • Volume: max. 210ml (can be adjusted to smaller volumes).
  • Dimensions: 18 cm (H) x 6 cm (W) x 6 cm (D)
  • Materials: PP, TPE, HDPE, Silicone (these materials may stain when in contact with certain foods)
  • Safety Standards: tested and certified to Australian and European standards (EN14350, AS 2070)
  • The Food Bottle comes standard with the original spout (12mm opening). The straw spout (5mm opening) can be purchased separately.

Why We Love Subo:

  • Australian made and owned
  • Supports Australian manufacturing
  • Made using high quality plastic that is BPA and Phthalate free (Replaces single-use plastics)
  • Replaceable parts ensuring longevity of the product